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It’s always a pleasure to work with my clients to create the perfect images for their brands. I love that every session is as unique as their business.  In this case, the session was made even more enjoyable because included the client’s family. Tameha is a children interior designer and has two kids. We thought it would be fun to include them in our shoot. Read below to learn about Tameha’s business and see the photos from our session. 

Tell me about your business: when did it start and what's the idea behind it?

I design children’s rooms. It can be any space that is used by children such as, bedrooms, playrooms, workspaces or play areas in cafes. The idea grew when I was designing rooms for my children and my clients. I realised that interior design for children needs to support their wellbeing and development along with being aesthetical. Often children’s spaces look pretty but lack practicality! Parents and children often have different expectations of a room and it is important to address both so that everyone’s happy! There is a gap in the market for children’s interiors so I decided to specialise in this niche.

woman written at a desk next to a laptop
deatil of woman's hands on a laptop

Why did you decide to have a brand shoot? And what were your expectations?

I wanted to show my clients how I work, my style, and my personality. These are an important part of my designs. I wanted to show these in a professional light as clients usually don’t get to see their designers at work. I knew Berni would do an amazing job at capturing and portraying these!

What would you recommend to someone who is looking to have a brand shoot?

I would recommend Berni. Along with her superb photography, she also advised me on the colours, outfits, and set-up one needs for a branding photoshoot. They help the client and photographer successfully achieve the goals of the photoshoot. I also created 2 moodboards. One was to illustrate the style that I wanted. The other moodboard showed my design process that we tried to capture in the photoshoot.

How can people follow you?

Please follow me on Instagram: @underthesuninteriors 



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