Spotlight on Compelling Copy UK: a Branding Photography Session in Berkshire

Spotlight on Compelling Copy UK: a Branding Photography Session in Berkshire

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This month it’s the lovely Jaime’s turn to step into the spotlight and tell us all about her story. I had such a fun time doing this business branding photography session in Berkshire with Jaime, she is a colourful mum of three and has a truly lovely personality and I am now so glad to call her my friend.

Tell me about your business

I launched my freelance business in early 2018. I was made redundant while on maternity leave with my third child, and at a crossroads. Everyone had been telling me to go freelance for years but I never had the confidence. A former colleague phoned to offer me some work and Compelling Copy UK was born!

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What do you love about your business? And what do you find most satisfying about it?

I love the variety, the creative freedom, and the relationship with the client most of all. The job satisfaction that comes from being able to really make a difference to someone else’s venture is immeasurable. The flexibility also works well with my family.

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I am honestly so uncomfortable in front of a camera but Berni worked really hard to put me at ease. She is genuine and down to earth, as well as being a very talented photographer, and produced some really radiant shots of my business.

– Jaime
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Why did you decide to do a photoshoot? And what were your expectations?

I know how important it is to be visible and consistent, when you’re developing a brand. I hadn’t decided to actually take the plunge until I ‘met’ you online and saw your offer, though!

Tell me three funny secrets about you?

Oh this is the most difficult question of all! Errrrrm, I sing, I find it terrifying doing video, and my first job was as the Nightlife Columnist at Reading Evening Post.

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