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A Branding Photography session in Berkshire

It’s about time I’d start spreading some light on the amazing people and businesses I made shine. This week is Nicla’s turn to be in the spotlight. We wanted to include as much as we could about Nicla’s lifestyle and her personality, highlighting her quirky style and love for colour and her gorgeous dog Axel.

a dog and its owner. The owner is smiling.

Tell me about your business

I started my business in November 2018 although I have always been passionate about interiors. I would like to help people create healthy, welcoming and functional spaces into their home. My idea is that the place where we live should reflect our personality and make us feel good and happy. Therefore my mission is helping people to choose the right colours, furniture and objects they surround themselves with.

What do you love about your business? And what do you find most satisfying about it?

I love listening to people and helping them resolve the challenges they might have with their own home. Every day is a different day for me, I love the variety of tasks I have to complete to help my clients. the most satisfying thing for me is to transform a space and see my client totally excited about the changes.

Branding Photography in Berkshire

It was a really good session and I enjoyed every minute of it. I particularly love this picture as it shows an Apulian symbol. The ceramic on the right-hand side is typical from my region, Puglia in Italy and it’s called ‘pumo’. It’s a table lamp and when it’s switched on it creates a lovely atmosphere in the living room. Thanks a lot for helping me and my business to shine Berni!

– Nicla

Why did you decide to have a brand shoot? And what were your expectations?

I decided to have a brand shoot to tell people who I am and what I love the most. It is important to know the person you want to hire for a job. In this industry, I think people need to feel a connection with who you are, what your values are to be sure to take the right decision.

Tell me three funny secrets about you!

Not much of a secret anymore, however, I am a Nutella-aholic, have recently tried to detox from it but failed miserably. I have really tiny feet, believe it or not, I’m size 1 and I have an obsession for designer handbags. I’m Italian after all…

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