Branding and headshot photographer in Berkshire

I am Berni

I help creative female entrepreneurs reach their dream clients with images that make their personalities shine through.

Get visible with natural images of your business
that look and feel just like the real YOU

In a world dominated by social media, images of you and your business have become more essential than ever.

Your dream client is out there, but in order to fall in love with your products and services, they need to be able to SEE you first. Great photos of yourself and what you do provide them with an opportunity to connect with your story and with the reason why you do what you do.

Getting natural brand photos that aren’t stiff headshots can be hard, but I always find a way to showcase what’s special and unique about you and your business.

no awkward stiff poses, no stock images

Connect with the perfect clients for you through branding photos as personal as your business.

I am honestly so uncomfortable in front of a camera but Berni worked really hard to put me at ease. She is genuine and down to earth, as well as being a very talented photographer, and she produced some really radiant shots for my business.


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Business owners who’ve invited me to tell their stories

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Reading commercial photographer with ‘Under the Sun Interiors’

It’s always a pleasure to work with my clients to create the perfect images for their brands. I love that every session is as unique as their business.  In this case, the session was made even more enjoyable because included the client’s family. Tameha is a children interior designer and has two kids. We thought it would be fun to include them in our shoot.

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Reading brand photographer with Vik Cherneva

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful breathing workshop with the amazing Vik Cherneva. We had such a great time, and together we produced some of my favourite brand images to date. So here is my little interview with her. I hope you enjoy it!

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